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Swine Feeders' Page

2016-2017 Swine Information


Purchase Procedure:

  1. State Validation- Deadline; September 20th
    1. $12.00 per animal intended in showing in the 2016-2017 Show Season
      1. Cash or Check; Byron Nelson FFA
  2. Pen Rent- Deadline; October 18th
    1. $25.00 per animal in showing in the 2016-2017 Show Season.
      1. Cash or Check; Northwest ISD
  3. Vet & Show Supply Fee- Deadline; October 18th  
    1. a.100.00 Per animal in showing in the 2016-2017 Show Season.
      1. Cash or Check; Byron Nelson FFA
  4. Barrow Purchase- Deadline; October 24th  
    1. $500.00 Expectation for Barrows:
      1. Cash or Check; NISD FFA Alumni


  • It is the Agriculture Science teacher(s) recommendation to feed multiple animals.
    • Animals are living creatures and can have a multitude of issues including but not limited to;
      • Lameness, sickness, growth rate issues, phenotypically undesirable, and even death that prevents their showing at the desired show.    


  • If you are willing to spend additional money for the purchase of the animal, it must be paid up front.  


  • AST’s go to extensive lengths to select a project that is competitive, right aged and desired breed for your individual specifications.  
    • Please make sure you have the time, money and resources to complete this project strong!


NISD FFA Vision for the Swine program:

  • We believe that we have the ability to become an elite swine exhibiting facility, and that students will be rewarded with; scholarships, prize money, accolades and a unique experience second to none.  
  • We aspire to increase the success of the program, first in terms of quality, secondly in terms of quantity;
  • Provide scheduled times, once a week to educate and grow (Workout Monday(s))
  • Increase capital investment; Feed one additional animal
  • Growing the gilt program to top tier status.
    • Prerequisites include;
      • Previous involvement in exhibiting market swine at Major stock show & be in good standing with supervising ASTs
      • Showed capacity to consistently care for animals health & well being
      • Participated in 90% of WOM’s
      • Exhibit market swine(s) & Breeding Gilt show jointly
      • Actively participate in the swine skillathon (San Antonio, TX)
      • Participate in and assist in facilitation of Workout Wednesday(s)


Ag. Center Access:

  • We require a pen rent, at the rate of $25.00 per animal market barrow.  


  • Once we have received the signed feeding contract(s) you will be given a pen code which allows you to access the Ag center from the hours of 6:00am- 9:00pm.


  • Checks and prize money will be held until all requirements have been met.
    • Mandatory Center Clean up date: March 28th 5-7PM
      • Individual pen spaces must be cleaned prior to work day.  


Feeding: We strongly recommend feeding Linders.  We have used MoorMans, Sunglow, champion’s choice or Show Right feed products in the past, however prefer linders and Moormans feed quality and choices.

  • Feed rations are individualized to fit the specific needs of animal based on the phenotypical analysis given that time period.


  • We recommend purchasing Linders 632 on or before October 24th.   


  • Use only the measuring cup, provided by ASTs, to feed animal(s)


  • NO FEED IS GOOD UNLESS IT IS FRESH! Please do NOT buy more than one 50 lb bag of feed at a time until your pig exceeds 100 lbs in weight.


  • Feed your pig at the same time every morning and every night! (Within a 30 min window each day)
    • Train your pig to eat; once they are adjusted and on feed give them 20 minutes to eat, then pull their feeder.


Krum Feed Store                                                         Bridgeport Feed Store

610 FM 156 N,                                                             607 13th Street           

Krum, TX 76249                                                         Bridgeport, TX 76426

(940) 482-3136                                                         (940) 683-5146


Ponder Feed Store                                                    

605 Farm to Market 156

Ponder, TX 76259

(940) 479-2719

Misc. Feeding and Caring for your animal:


  • Must check animal twice a day regardless of extenuating circumstances.


  • Implement a buddy system to create exchanged work schedule.


  • Workout Monday- See Attached Agenda



Pen Expectations:

  • Pens must be cleaned once a day.  
    • The cleaner you keep your pen, the healthier your pig will be and the longer your shavings will last.  
  • Shavings must be maintained at a reasonable level.  (Per Ag teacher’s digression)
    • A good rule of thumb; 5-6 inches in your entire pen; with an exception of the drain.  
  • We recommend installing a 1x6” board or plywood at the bottom of your pen to help retain shavings.  
    • These MUST be removable, and NOT be damaging to the pens



Stock show Sign up: October 24th 5pm-7pm, come & go (Mandatory Attendance)

  • All students who wish to exhibit their animal at ANY Livestock Show MUST complete the Quality Counts training.  
    • Look for this test and resources on your school FFA Web page (SAE Tab)


  • Bring Cash &/or Checkbooks to pay for entries. Student SS# will be required





  • It is the Agriculture Science teacher(s) recommendation to enter both shows and decide what animal is to attend what show closer to show.
    • Weight issues, phenotypically peaking, etc.
    • BOOK HOTELS NOW for both!


  • Dates:
    • Houston:
      • March 18th - March 23rd  
        • Dark wave: Mar. 18-20
        • Light wave: Mar. 21-23
    • Austin:
      • March 20th - March 23rd  



Required Supplies:  (The feed stores have a majority of these products)

  • Feed trough (Hanging)
  • Panel to hang trough
  • Feed Bucket
  • Shavings 5 Bales (Small flakes) Starting out
  • Feed (depends on the pig)
  • Pig whip
  • Champions Choice- Skin & Hair oil ( Item code: CHC (722)
  • Brush (One for show & one for oil) ( Item code: SHHPB
  • Heat lamp & Red bulb (Use if under 60 Degrees inside the barn)
  • Spectam- Scour suppressant (Use cautiously)
  • Cheap Dollar-General Soap
  • Castration wound spray (if not already castrated)
  • 1x6 boards or plywood to line pens
  • 4x4 to prevent shavings waist



Optional but HIGHLY Recommended:

  • Extra Heat lamps/bulbs (2)
  • Extension Cord(s)
  • Pitch fork
  • 5 Gallon bucket
  • Broom
  • Bailing wire
  • Pliers
  • Mane and tail conditioner
  • Diaper Cream (for pigs with white on them)
  • Horse Fly & Bug spray
  • Fans (use if over 80 Degrees inside the barn)




Quotes and Mottos

  • Good hogs are bought, Champions are Fed!
  • Feed and care is essential to a successful project!
  • Showmanship has become more important than ever before!
  • Realize showing is both a beauty and athletic contest
  • Every day is critical
  • Those students who do the little things right every day win consistently
  • Sound daily management practices are key to show ring success




Emergency Contact List




Please contact the Ag teachers between the hours of 8:00am and 9:00pm.  If an emergency exist, that needs immediate and/or urgent attention please contact a

Doctor Veterinary of Medicine (DVM). 



NISD Swine Supervisor’s


Mr. Goggins            Ms. Deal

830-385-9912          817-925-5966



Additional AST’s


Mr. Yeager              Mr. Cleveland         Mrs. Stockard         Mr. Ruscher                  Mrs. Reid     

(940) 231-9993        254-541-7317          682-429-2901          936-662-8640      405-250-3846







Decatur Veterinary Clinic                                           Wise County Animal Clinic                  


2101 S College Ave                                                           100 E Business 380

Decatur, TX 76234                                                       Decatur, TX 76234

940-627-2158                                                              940-627-2133



Justin Animal Hospital                                               Dr. Warren Wynn- Mobil Vet


9849 FM 156 S                                                             817-304-3201

Justin, TX 76247                                          

940-648-0328                                                              Dr. Mark Crable





Remember lack of planning on your behalf does not constitute an emergency on our behalf.


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